ORGON is a unit of settlement for all ORIS.SPACE platform products, built on Ethereum Blockchain

Available tokens

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  1. ORIS Crystal
    In the center of the coin, from the side of the obverse, an ORIS crystal is depicted, consisting of 22 faces and 2 vertices connected by an internal axis and having a ring encircling it. An ORIS crystal personifies a person, each face represents one of the different personalities that exist in an ordinary person. Inside, there is also an axis uniting all these faces, when looking at which creates the feeling that the ORIS crystal is in constant motion. 
  2. Blockchain
    The ornament, on the side of the obverse (with the image of an ORIS crystal), is similar to an electronic printed circuit board and indicates a connection with modern digital technologies.
    The ornament, on the side of the reverse (with the image of a lotus flower), uses the ancient motifs of the Aztec temples and symbolizes a connection with the world beyond science.
  3. Ring
    A ring is a plane that indicates the duality of the human being, as well as a circle from which energy diverges.
  4.  A circle with a dot inside ʘ
    If you look at ORIS crystal from above, it is very similar to a small planet with its own ring and personifies every single person.
  5. Community
    Many ORIS crystals: 1 central, 24 on the inner circle and 22 on the outer circle, collected in one space inside the lotus, personify our community DAO.ORIS.SPACE.
  6. Lotus - a flower with 8 petals
    In the center of the coin from the side of the reverse a lotus flower is depicted. In Buddhism, a lotus is considered a sacred flower, because it grows out of dirty sludge, stretches up through the water and blooms on the surface of the water as a beautiful flower of 8 petals.
    The positive meaning of the number 8 is such qualities as perseverance, courage and excellent business sense. This figure has an energetic, purposeful and strong energy.
  7. Orgon
    At the bottom of the coin, a rectangle separates the printed Orgon inscription. The letter O with a dot ʘ is a stylized Greek letter theta (in modern psychology, the state of mind working on theta waves gives a person an enhanced ability to intuition).
    Each letter ʘ also represents the appearance of the ORIS crystal and its ring on top.

ORGON Contract

ORGON token (ORGON) ERC20, 18 decimal places.

Primary emission 642 118 523,28 ORGON.

Адрес: 0xc58603dcd0cfa4b257409dfff6402ab638de99b9

Stage of development


Stage "Reserve" (0): ORGON token movement is limited. The right to transfer the token to third parties is controlled by the owner of the contract.


Stage "Growth"(1): The motions of the ORGON token are unlimited and may be limited by the owner of the contract.


Stage "Life" (2): The motions of the ORGON token are not limited and cannot be limited by the owner of the contract.


The contract sells ORGON token

Address: 0x98acfbc2e952a5d0cb254e257a7bb31ae6d705e5

ENS Address: orgonspace.eth

The task of the contract is to exchange ETH for ORGON at its own calculated rate.


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